Back to Feng Shui Basics: Living in Harmony with Nature

Originally feng shui was all about location. People paid feng shui masters to select the perfect site for a burial site to honor an ancestor.

Then feng shui began to be applied to dwelling places for the living. Home sites were chosen very carefully in relation to the natural terrain.

Feng shui dictated that a house should be situated near the top of a hill, with the front facing south and the back sheltered from the cold north winds. The house should also have lower hills sheltering it on either side.

A house should be near clean, flowing water but not too close (so as to avoid floods). It all made good common sense.

Nowadays we don’t always have a choice of ideal feng shui placement. Cities are often situated on flat land, and small streams and creeks are often diverted into underground piping systems.

There is a place, though, where you can iive close to nature in ideal surroundings. It’s called Cullasaja Club, and it is one of the most desirable places in the world to live.

A small, private community of fewer than 300 homes, Cullasaja is nestled in the hills of western North Carolina. The houses are carefully designed to fit beautifully into the natural surroundings. And nature walks in the forest help residents commune with the quiet and peace of nature while watching birds and other wildlife whenever they wish to.

Sometimes described as “a paradise on earth,” Cullasaja Club is the loveliest place I know for living in harmony with nature in luxury and comfort. It is the epitome of a natural location for great feng shui.

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