Handybook Can Make Feng Shui Easier to Implement

A lot of elements go into good feng shui. Starting with a good location and a well-designed (for feng shui purposes) structure would be ideal, but most of us have to use some feng shui remedies.

Next to the structure (house, office, apartment) itself, probably the most important thing is furniture, and how you arrange it. Often we have to replace certain pieces or add pieces to balance the energy in a room. And that can be a bother.

One of the principles of traditional feng shui is that how people feel in a room affects the energy. You don’t want to start out with a big hassle when setting up a room. The energy can linger.

Fortunately there is a way to get new furniture assembled and placed by experts quickly and easily with minimum stress. It’s called Handybook IKEA Furniture Assembly. In New York or Boston (and coming soon nationwide) you can book an appointment on line to get your new Ikea furniture (or other furniture) assembled quickly by an expert at a very reasonable cost.

At the Handybook website you can select the IKEA pieces you want assembled by clicking on a photo of each piece. The site immediately calculates the cost of your order (about $39 each piece, times however many pieces you select).

You pick the time and date from the appointments currently available. And the furniture assembler shows up on time. There is no waiting around for half a day  just hoping someone will turn up. You have an actual appointment.

Feng shui is partly about practicality, ease, and comfort. Getting an expert to quickly (and properly) assemble your Ikea furniture by appointment for a modest prices is practical, efficient, and easy. The energy that goes into that new furniture is a great contribution to the feng shui of the newly decorated room.

Handybook also offers other services by appointment, including heavy lifting, residential and commercial cleaning, general handyman work, routine plumbing repair, painting and tiling, picture hanging, and more. Need someone to help you implement the changes recommended by your feng shui consultant.

So when you shop for your home or office at IKEA, you no longer have to worry about who will assemble the new furniture. Just book the help on Handybook. It’s good feng shui.

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