Feng Shui of Buying a Car or Other Vehicle

We have written here before about the fact that the feng shui of your car is just as important as that of your home. Many of us commute by car a couple of hours a day—or more. Others use their car in their work. Even if you only use your car for errands and occasional pleasure trips, while you are in your car, your life depends on it.

Further, unless you own a house (or are very wealthy), your car is likely your biggest investment. It can affect your wealth as well as your health and safety. So here are some feng shui-related tips on buying a car.

Avoid Vehicles Affected by Crime or Tragedy

In traditional feng shui, clients are warned to avoid houses that are connected with tragedy or loss of fortune. A house where a violent death occurred, for example, would have bad chi. Maybe the house could be cleared of bad energy, but all other things being equal, avoid it.

Equally bad would be a house associated with crime. For example, the confiscated house of a drug dealer would be a bad buy no matter how good a deal it was.

The same applies to cars. Learn as much about the origin of the car as you can, for practical as well as energetic reasons. A car that has been flooded or rebuilt from a wreck may have many hidden defects that could be very costly to fix. As always, feng shui follows common sense.

Buy the Best Quality Vehicle for Your Needs

Make sure you don’t get carried away and buy a car that looks charming but does not fit your needs. For example, if you have several children, a sports car may be impractical—unless you also have a car that can hold your whole family.

If you have to chose, safety is more important than looks. Choose a car that will transport you and your love ones safely over one that is stylish but not so safe.

Consider the Color

In feng shui, black is the color of money. But in a hot climate, white cars stay cooler. Feng shui again aligns with common sense. Statistics sugges that red cars are more often involved in wrecks

Earthmoving equipment needs to be a highly visible as possible, especially if used on or near a road. Bright yellow green has been shown to be the most visible color, even better than red. And yellow-green were found to be recognizable even when heavily splashed with mud.

Style and Model Matters and Climate

If you live in a place where the streets flood, consider a car with high clearance. Low-slung cars may be stylish, but being stranded in a rainstorm isn’t.

In a snowy climate, traction is important, so buy a vehicle that will get you through the ice and snow safely.

When to Shop for a Car or Truck

In a hot climate, shop for cars in the summer, if possible, so you can make sure the air conditioning works really well. Some cars never really cool down, while others cool really fast.

In a cold climate, ideally shop for cars in the winter, so you can see how well the heating works.

Research, Research, Research

Prepare yourself for car-buying by reading books like Don’t Get Taken Every Time and The Car Buyers Art. Follow their instructions for researching dealers as well as cars and prices. Being well prepared can save you literally thousands of dollars. And it’s good feng shui as well.

Other Kinds of Vehicles

Many of the same principles apply to any kind of vehicle that you or someone connected with you or your businesses, such as an employee will spend a lot of time with. A worker spends many hours a day on a tractor, forklift or earthmoving machine.

For a recreational vehicle, or RV, which is a sort of temporary residence while traveling, even more feng shui principles apply. An RV is, after all, a sort of house on wheels.

Where to Shop for Business and Personal Vehicles

Once you have done your research and decided what you want, need, and can afford, it’s time to shop for the actual car. With your list of specifications in hand, you can shop on line instead of driving from dealer to dealer.

In Australia, for example, there is a very well respected site where you can find excellent deals on all kinds of vehicles on line, including new and used cars. They also list motorcycles, earthmoving equipment, recreational vehicles, and plant equipment, such as forklifts, as well as listing local dealers.

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