Your Questions About Chinese Coins With Holes

William asks…

Where can I buy Chinese coins with the squared hole? in NYC – preferably Manhattan?

WhiteCranes answers:

I don’t know what’s in Manhattan, but here are some mail order sources


George asks…

Need information about an ancient coin with a triangle hole in center, possibly chinese writing on it.?

WhiteCranes answers:


Betty asks…

I need help with my old Chinese coin!?

Hi there

I need help with this old chinese (I think) coin I have. It has a square hole in the middle, and 4 symbols around the sides: 1 above the hole, 1 below, 1 to the right, 1 to the left. It has a slightly raised rim around the side. The 4 symbols are complicated to explain. The bottom one resembles the letter ‘K’ in a way. The 1 to the right has like a rectangle with 6 little boxes in, and a wavy line underneath, with some other squiggIes to the left and above. I have seen this symbol on some coins while I have been researching about this coin, as like the ‘K’ symbol. There appears to be nothing on the back, then again this coin is very worn.

I hope someone can help!

Thanks alot!

WhiteCranes answers:

The 4 symbols are 4 Chinese characters, indicates which year it was made, and which emperor was on the chair , for example, if the coin was made in middle Tang Dynasty, then the 4 characters should be “开元通寶”.

BTW, it’s impossible without anything on the back, this coin may not be real….you’d better consult the professionals……I dug up some old coins when I was little, playing with my classmates…..I still keep them.

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