Year of the Duck [HD]

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  • Katrina L. Burchett "Author"

    One of My Favorite Episodes Cartoons brighten my days. The Looney Tunes Show is fun to watch even when Daffy Duck’s behavior gets a bit annoying. Customer Service is one of my favorite episodes because I can understand how Bugs Bunny felt when his cable went out.

  • fears

    the loony tunes show The funniest show on T.V. Finally a show that uses clean humor and doesn’t treat its audience like their idiots.

  • Roochak

    Life, the Tuniverse, and Everything It comes as such a wonderful shock to see this series dive into the emotional and psychological aspects of the Bugs/Daffy partnership that some of the gags have a way of sneaking up on you later. One of the best and sneakiest, for my money, is in volume one’s “Jailbird and Jailbunny,” in which Porky Pig’s recitation of an endless series of factoids about the Grand Canyon comes across as a well honed parody of a typical Jerry Beck audio commentary. Things like this keep these episodes fresh, and volume two continues to reimagine the Looney Tuniverse in surprising ways.This time around, we see Daffy in the unlikely role of Big Brother (the youth organization, not Orwell); Bugs with a new catchphrase and the unwelcome celebrity status that it saddles him with; the Tasmanian Devil as a homicidal house pet; and a glimpse of Tweety, Sylvester, and Granny in their eternal triangle — and isn’t it good to learn that June Foray is as funny as ever in the role of Granny, which she’s been playing since 1955?”Casa de Calma,” in which Daffy and Bugs compete for the attention of vacationing actress Starlett Johanssen, is funny but retro as hell: it’s a string of bone-crunching gags that’s little more than a triple-length theatrical short from the 1950s. “Reunion,” in which Bugs invites himself to Daffy’s high school reunion, puts us firmly back in psychodrama territory, where the most interesting cartoons always seem to wind up. So much like life.

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