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Feng Shui is a sort of hybrid between the art and science of human interaction with things that surround them. It is interested in how to best balance those two things. Your average garage organizer home owner may not even realize that they are in fact creating, or destroying, a feng shui environment in their garage by what they do there. Clutter, for example, is an obvious antithesis of feng shui. Where things are placed matter, as do the colors used to decorate the environment.

English: Zentao symbol as evolution of the Tao...

Zentao symbol as evolution of the Tao (Yin Yang) and the Five Elements of Feng Shui. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first flush, a study of this Chinese art exposes us to notions of mystical eastern enigmas. If studied casually, we may come to believe that all we have to do is just surround ourselves with certain items (things like massive fans on the wall, frogs with coins in their mouths, certain color combination’s, or eastern figurines) that our lives will somehow be imbued with everything we need to be healthy, wealthy, wise, well organized, and at peace.

Unfortunately, for the garage organizer, there is no magical one-size-fits-all solution offered by feng shui. In fact, outside of a rigorous study of ancient Chinese texts and traditions, the best we can do is try to apply some of the basic notions of it to our garage spaces.

Feng Shui teaches that the whole world we live in can be separated into five kinds of elements: earth, water, metal, fire, and wood. Each one is associated with a certain color and meaning that best suits the properties and nature of those elements, and the associated environment where they are used.

A person trying to organize a garage should take these things into consideration. It is not enough, for example, to just determine that wood or metal cabinets in the garage is best. One must also learn to associate the appropriate color to use on that particular element, in that specific place.

Would a metal cabinet in the garage be best painted white, or pink? If wood shelves are installed, should they be painted orange or green? How do these things interact with the other elements in the space.

The nature and color of the concrete floor may indicate to the mind stability and reliability, but if you paint it a nice pastel color you will certainly get a different feeling. The idea of feng shui, as applied by the garage organizer, can also be applied to shapes, in an effort to harmonize a space. One would not, for example, create a triangle shaped storage basket when a rectangle would be better.

Remember, classic feng shui is principle-based, and that the modern American version sometimes merely suggests a quick fix approach. For many, that is good enough. Just set up a water fountain, decorate with some bamboo and viola, you have a magically peaceful place. However, to truly apply it to a garage, a garage organizer must dedicate to a study of the authentic feng shui principles.

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