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Property Feng Shui is getting popular not among the property buyers but also the property developers themselves. If you are interested to know more, here are some simple Feng Shui tips.

Auspicious House Number

For many Chinese, number 4 is considered an unlucky number because it sounded homophonous to the word ‘death’.  On the other hand, numbers 6,7,8 and 9 are considered lucky and are always favoured because it sounds similar to words that have positive meanings.


Many people are particular about houses that are located at the T-junction. In the older days,  people just believed that a T-junction house is considered bad feng shui because the Chi of the road is rushing into the house. In the non-superstitious logic, T-junction houses are simply located in a risky location that is prone to accident especially when the traffic from the road is heavy.

River Flow Direction

River or water is a sign of wealth. If your house is near a river and the flow of the river is going towards your house, then it means wealth is coming your way. Otherwise, if the water is flowing away, it means that you will suffer loss of wealth.

Ceiling Height

Optimal ceiling height is around 10 to 12 feet. If your house ceiling is low, it means that you will be burdened with problems.

Wide Staircase

The stairs acts as a conduit for flow of chi around your house.  A narrow staircase can create a sense of claustrophobia and the feeling of being blocked. An ideal staircase is one that is clear from clutter, wide and easy to climb.

Poison Arrows

Poison arrows are created by sharp objects, angular lines that are facing your house. Poison arrows are known as Shar Chi, the Killing Breath. It destroys the flow of the chi and is detrimental to the residents of a home that is facing the poison arrows. One of the ways to deflect these poison arrows is by placing a pa kua in front of your home or the area of your house where there are poison arrows pointing at.

Overhead Beams

Overhead beams should not be exposed in any part of the house as this will block the flow of good chi. Overhead beams can prevent you from getting good night sleep. For children or anyone who is studying, the overhead beam above the study table will make the student feel stressed.

Babies and Pets

If you are buying a new property and wants to know if it is the right home, then bring a newborn baby along. Babies are believed to be more sensitive to the Chi of a place. If the baby is happy, it means that the house Feng Shui is good and if the baby cries, it means the house does not have good Feng Shui.

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