OPI Gelcolor Suzi Says Feng Shui

A serene cobalt blue to balance your yin yang. This vivid blue polish is perfect for the bright days of spring and summer. Beautiful on darker skin tones. Now an OPI Soak-Off GelColor for long-lasting, chip-free nails.

Product Features

  • Advanced Gel Polymer
  • High-speed LED technology
  • Iconic OPI color at the speed of light

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3 comments to OPI Gelcolor Suzi Says Feng Shui

  • lucylu

    Beautiful color, great coverage I love love love this shade of blue. It’s almost like a dark teal. Unlike most darker gel colors, I was able to get complete coverage in just 2 coats. I had some white tips and some glittery acrylic tips on when I painted over them with this color – and you would never know. It applies more like regular polish than some of the other gel-polish products out there.

  • ProductReviewerNoVA

    One coat is all it takes I’d heard gel polish required multiple coats to get an opaque finish. Let me know, that is NOT a problem here. The density of color is insane, and you will definitely not need a separate coat, as you do with almost every other color. I think the color shown in the photo is a bit misleading. It’s actually more like a dark blue (not as dark as Navy though), not the grayish blue it appears. More like a royal dark, royal blue. Other than this misleading photo, you couldn’t ask for a better product.Warning: as with all dark polishes, you really need to apply this perfectly or it will be very noticeable. If using on your toes, be sure to give yourself a full pedicure in advance, removing any dead skin cells near your nail beds. Address error with specialty pointed cotton swabs and nail polish remover. Soak your toes and scrape off cuticles and all that other junk prior to application. If you do, you will have a much easier time applying.Durability: BESTRemoval: BESTApplication: GoodColor: So-So

  • Spazziekat

    Aqua dark blue Very similar to Yodel me on my Cell. A little disappointed in that because I own “Yodel” It’s a nice aqua blue color, like the ocean.

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