Money, Bargains and Feng Shui

Feng shui is often used to improve one’s luck with money and wealth. But the energy of money can be complicated. For example, getting a good deal because you are smart is good. Getting a bargain at someone else’s expense is not.

Getting a good deal because the seller has become more prosperous and is happily moving on to something better is good chi. Getting a deal because someone has to sell something because of their bad luck is considered to be very unlucky for you.

So buying used goods can be tricky, but buying new things at an online auction can be great feng shui. If you are having fun while getting a great bargain, so much the better. That’s why the Deal Dash online auction site is great for feng shui. is the fun, fair and different online auction site that sells all new, highly desirable items. You start by purchasing a bid package (sometimes as cheap as 15 cents for each bid) and use the bids to win highly desirable items like the newest, most deluxe models of iPad, flat screen TVs, high-end kitchen appliances, gift cards from famous stores, even large bid packages.

The auctions are short, so you can participate in lots of them if you want to, and they are fair. Affer it gets going awhile, each auction is closed to new bidders so no one can swoop in at the last second and take away all the fun. And if you don’t win, you can still buy the item you want at regular price right away.

So these auctions leave everyone with good feelings as well as great items at just pennies on the dollar. You can feel really good about all your winnings and purchases. And that’s great feng shui.

To find out more about how to participate, watch this quick video on how things are done at DealDash.

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