Jackie Chan 8 Movie Pack

Operation Condor
Sent to track down stolen Nazi gold buried beneath the Sahara, secret agent Condor (Jackie Chan) is pursued by a ruthless band of treasure-hunting terrorists.

Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God
Jackie Chan stars as a hard-hitting fortune hunter whose ex-girlfriend is kidnapped and held for ransom by an evil cult.

Dragon Lord
Lifelong best friends, Dragon (Jackie Chan) and Cowboy, become rivals over a beautiful girl but regain their friendship when they uncover a devious smuggling plot.

Twin Dragons
Twin brothers (Jackie Chan in dual roles) that have never met become mixed up in a hilarious case of mistaken identity.

Jackie Chan’s Project A
Dragon (Jackie Chan), a coast guard officer on patrol in late 19th century Hong Kong, battles with a ruthless syndicate for control of the dangerous waters.

Jackie Chan’s Project A2
After defeating the evil Pirate Lo on the high seas, Dragon (Jackie Chan) is assigned to lead the local police force.

Jackie Chan is undercover and out of control on a high-stakes mission to take down a powerful drug lord.

The Accidental Spy
When Buck (Jackie Chan) discovers that he is the latest in a long line of professional spies, he finds himself entangled in a web of mystery and deceit that only he can unravel.

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3 comments to Jackie Chan 8 Movie Pack

  • Ed Ortiz

    jackie chan collection 8 film set beware I just purchased a copy of the Jackie Chan collection 8 film setI’m not pleased with the way the video looks, why would they compress 4 movieson one of the 2 disks. It looks terrible. With seriousness some of the videos on this set are unbearable to watch. I have a collection of 100′s of DVD’s + Blue-rays.So I can tell you this is the worst looking DVD quality I’ve ever seen. They where greedy with this one and used to much compression sacrificing the quality of these great movies. And ruined some great films! If you see Echo Bridge Entertainment on the label of any disk you may buy, then buyer beware! Any serious video buff would notice this particularly when playing back on a large HDTV screen. I’ve never had a problem with any other movies I own. I will not ever trust Echo Bridge Entertainment again!

  • Coffee Addicted Writer's Reviews "Billy"

    8 Chan Flicks I found this Jackie Chan Collection in the five dollar bin at Walmart! My favorite is Supercop! I have never seen or even heard of Dragon Lord, Project A, and Project A2. Considering I didn’t own any of these movies on DVD, I’m more than happy with my purchase.The movies on this 2 discs set are:Disc One Side A:Operation Condor (AKA – Amour of God; 1986; 91 mins; English dubbed; PG-13)Operation Condor 2: The Armor of God (AKA The Armor of God II: Operation Condor; 1991; 98 mins; English dubbed; PG-13)Disc One Side B:Twin Dragons (AKA Twin Dragons; 1992; 89 mins; English dubbed; PG-13)Dragon Lord (AKA Dragon Strike; 1982; 94 mins; English dubbed; PG-13)Disc Two:Jackie Chan’s Project A (AKA – Project A; 1983; 98 mins; English Dubbed; PG-13)Jackie Chan’s Project A2 (AKA – Project A Part II; 1987; 102 mins; English Dubbed; PG-13)Supercop (AKA – Police Story 3: Super Cop; 1992; 91 mins; English Dubbed; Rated R)The Accidental Spy (2001; 88 mins; English Dubbed; PG-13)

  • Jet Jaguar

    If you’re a big enough fan of Jackie Chan that you want to see everything he was ever in… …well, here you go. I spent $7 on this at Fry’s and I’m glad I didn’t spend more. Chan, like most actors, worked his way up, and these movies show some of the journey. They are not lost gems… they’re just not even really great films. I even have been unable to find one of them in his credits at the IMDB. But he’s in them… somewhere. For the amount I paid, it isn’t so bad. But I should have had better sense. I was expecting them to be lesser quality, but somehow I didn’t expect him to barely be in them. I thought that was rather sneaky… and it was… but I admit, on inspection, the box never says anything more than that it has 4 feature length films and Jackie Chan is in them. Well, okay, then.

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