Feng Shui for the Soul

In this book you will find three approaches for transforming your dwelling into an environment for spiritual renewal and inner peace.

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3 comments to Feng Shui for the Soul

  • christine gerchow

    Worth Reading, but Not Feng Shui I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because it has Feng Shui in huge letters on the front, yet is not really about Feng Shui (either traditional compass and/or form feng shui, or modern Western “Feng Shui” at all). If you buy this book looking for a description of Feng Shui principles or practices, you might be disappointed, since the book’s true subject is in the subtitle: How to Create a Harmonious Environment That Will Nurture and Sustain You.

  • Mia

    A comforting approach to Feng Shui This is the second book by Denise Linn that I have read. I chose this book over other Feng Shui books because of the comforting and practical way inwhich it was written. All i want to do is create a comfortable, harmonius, and beautiful haome for myself and my family. Lets face it; if I wanted to do something complicated, I’d pick up an algebra book. Linn’s overlying theme seems to be one of creating a home for your soul with your intuition. Feng Shui happens to be one way to accomplish this; but not the only way. Occasionally the book gets a little heady; it will take me years to meditate as much as she recommends. However this shouldn’t be a deterrent, because it is not forced upon the reader. I do recommend reading “Sacred Space” before, or along with this book. There are some references about it in “Feng Shui”, plus it’s a good warm-up to her methods, and philosophies. I do recommend this book, and “Sacred Spaces” to any one who is looking for a less contrived, and certainly a less pretetious approach to decorating their home. I look forward to reading some of her other books.

  • Anonymous

    Encouraging and entertaining This is one of the most encouraging and entertaining books about Feng Shui I have ever read. It is very well written and has a good approach to our western way of life. This book will motivate interior decoration amateurs and Feng Shui enthusiasts. I strongly recommend it.

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