Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home: Using Feng Shui to Disarm Illness, Accelerate Recovery, and Create Optimal Health

A groundbreaking paperback original offers advice, charts, and checklists for fostering wellness through home furnishing placement and design.

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3 comments to Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home: Using Feng Shui to Disarm Illness, Accelerate Recovery, and Create Optimal Health

  • Clara Galvano

    BHS Feng Shui Really Worked for me! in 1999 I read Nancy SantoPietro’s first book, and was so interested that I called her for a consultation. I was very unhappy with job, my home, my health – Nancy took the time to explain why Black Hat Sect Feng Shui works and how it worked and gave me a list of things to do. Well since that time, I have a new job, my apt. is always neat – no stagnant energy – and lo and behold, my bouts with bronchitis have ceased. When this new book came out, I was eager to buy it and read it, because it makes so much sense. It is honest, readable, and you can tell that she wrote the book wanting to help people, not just because Feng Shui is “hot” right now. She is one practitioner that really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her as a Feng Shui practitioner and both her books are very, very easy to read and her advice is also easy to follow. My life has improved tremendously since SantoPietro’s Feng Shui expertise touched my life and I hope others will be encouraged to read her books so they too can be helped!

  • Deborah W. Kaminski

    Excellent–Best Book Yet! Feng Shui and Health: Anatomy of A Home is the best book I have read on the issue of Feng Shui and health. Like Nancy SantoPietro’s other book, Harmony By Design, it presents concepts in an easy-to-absorb, step-by-step approach. It’s almost as if she is right there with you, walking you through exactly what you need to do to assess the health of your home and improve your health using Feng Shui concepts.

  • Anonymous

    Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home As a Feng Shui practitioner and a holistic nurse, I find this book an excellent resource for helping my clients heal their homes and themselves. Nancy combines the bagua and the chakras with great knowledge and experience. I’m glad Nancy places more importance on healing than on traditional compass placement which tends to instill fear in clients.Debbie Kaminski RN

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