Clayvision Year of the Hula Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Charm

This charm features an original Clayvision rabbit design. Use it on key chains, bracelets, necklaces, zipper pulls, cell phone charms, etc… Birthdates for the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac are:

01/29/1903 to 02/15/1904

02/14/1915 to 02/02/1916

02/02/1927 to 01/22/1928

02/19/1939 to 02/07/1940

02/06/1951 to 01/26/1952

01/25/1963 to 02/12/1964

02/11/1975 to 01/30/1976

01/29/1987 to 02/16/1988

02/16/1999 to 02/04/2000

02/03/2011 to 01/22/2012

Product Features

  • Clayvision original design.
  • Charm measures about 1/2 inch tall.
  • Charm comes on a jump split ring.
  • Pewter charm is nickel plated and manufactured in the United States.
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years of age or for pets.

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