Chinese Horoscope

Product Features

  • Auto-update daily fortunes for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs
  • Personality analysis
  • Set birthday for the right sign

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3 comments to Chinese Horoscope

  • edog

    love this app I use this app all the time. You can go back a day or two. Has good look and feel.

  • Denise Michaels "Angel"

    zodiac signs @person: have you forgotten that we had a 13th Zodiac sign added last year when the earth rotated a little to fast in 2011. But I bet the Chinese zodiac never added a 13th sign..

  • Anonymous

    I was excited for this app and it gave me what I wanted. a lot of people said it was incorrect but for me it was fine. I like this app and I think you should get it :)

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