Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life

This text unveils the unseen forces shaping your personality. It shows you the animal sign that matches your birth year, detailing your most compatible lovers, best and worst career choices and your health outlook.

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3 comments to Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life

  • Mike

    Great Book If you are interested in Chinese Astrology, I recommend this book. It gives you a ton of info about all the the zodiac signs, including a detailed description of the history and legend behind Chinese Astrology and the zodiac calendar. I personally found out, that I wasn’t really a snake due to the starting and end dates of the year I was born. I’m actually a dragon. It’s more accurate for me than a snake. Very, very good book.

  • M. Plank

    Great Book Fast delivery and in great shape. The book contents have kept my wife reading for hours. Seems to be pretty accurate and a fun read.

  • Acu Ty "ONE MEDICINE."

    You get what you pay for… This book is very basic and good for beginners in astrology. Would definitely recommend for young adults but not to the older crowd.

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