Bicycle Zodiac Deck of Playing Cards – Chinese

The Bicycle Zodiac Playing Card Deck is a unique, limited edition deck of playing cards that Celebrates the Chinese Zodiac, also known as the 12 signs of the Sheng Xiao. 

 - Specialty designed Chinese Zodiac Characters
 - Court cards feature an animal and its attributes according to a 12 year revolving cycle
 - Fun new look

Every deck provides you with the same exceptional quality you’ve come too expect from The United States Playing Card Company.

Another awesome deck for Bicycle collector’s or the avid playing card collector.

Product Features

  • Speciality designs of the Chinese Zodiac Characters
  • Air Cushion Finish

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2 comments to Bicycle Zodiac Deck of Playing Cards – Chinese

  • Anonymous

    The colors and images in this Bicycle Chinese Zodiac playing card deck are wonderful. I paid a premium for this hard to find deck to give as a gift, and I wish I could find it cheaper so I could keep a set too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s perfect for my brother who are into playing game with this cards! It’ll be fun for friends who wanted to have fun!

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