5 Feng Shui Tips for Christmas Trees


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Decorating for Christmas often causes people to move furniture around to accommodate Christmas trees or an expanded dining table. Sometimes that rearrangement can unbalance the chi. Other times, it can enhance the flow of chi.

Here are five tips for a happy feng shui Christmas:

1. Carefully plan the placement of your Christmas tree. The lights and shiny ornaments can greatly alter the chi in the area where the tree is placed. That can be good or bad.

Christmas trees tend to carry strong yang energy. A large, brightly lighted tree can warm up and brighten an area that is too yin (cool and dark), or it can overbalance an area that is already on the verge of being too yang.

Try to place the tree so that it enhances, rather than unbalances, the flow of chi in the room.

2. If you move furniture to make room for a large tree, it is best to store the furniture elsewhere rather than overcrowding the rest of the room. With family and friends gathering for Christmas, and presents under the tree, you will need more space for people and chi to circulate—not less.

3. Do not place the tree where it will interfere with either a walkway or the flow of chi. Even if there is plenty of space, consider the flow of chi in the room as it is now, and try not to hinder the flow when placing the tree.

4. Remember that all those reflective ornaments are acting as mirrors, sending energy in all directions. You may actually need to apply a few remedies to counteract the fragmented flow of chi.

5. Consider adding feng shui remedies as ornaments. You can improve the feng shui in the room for the holidays while counteracting any unwanted effects from the other ornaments.

For example, feng shui mirrors look gorgeous on the tree. They can be used as needed to counter negative influences in the room. Red bows and gold-foil-covered Christmas coins in gold mesh bags can be used to great effect as well. Perhaps you have already thought of those.

Design Your Own Feng Shui Personalized Christmas Ornaments

How about designing your own personalized christmas ornaments to hang on your holiday tree? Cafe Press can apply your design to ornaments for you.

The double-happiness character, for example, looks beautiful and sophisticated while enhancing luck and family harmony. Gold three-toed frogs on a shiny red background could look gorgeous and amusing while inviting prosperity for all.

Golden or silver feng-shui flutes on a contrasting background could counter the sharp points of evergreen needles and branches pointing into the room.

Goldfish on a green or blue background would also be beautiful, amusing, and auspicious. I’m sure you can think of more.

Baby Ornaments for Safety and as Keepsakes

For toddlers and young children who want to help decorate the tree, you can order porcelain¬†baby ornaments. You can design relatively unbreakable versions of the glass ornaments—or create other feng shui-related designs.

Be sure to add the child’s name and/or the year. Baby ornaments become wonderful lifelong keepsakes for children and for you.

Those are just a few of the possibilities for custom feng shui ornaments. Personalized Christmas ornaments also make wonderful gifts or party favors. Each year you can add new feng shui ornaments in the exact combination needed to balance the energy and enhance the positive flow of chi.

Have a merry feng shui Christmas!

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