2013 Your New Astrology? Horoscopes – Chinese And Western Predictions: The Water Snake Year Monthly Forecasts For All 24 Zodiac Signs

#1 Best Seller on Kindle. This book is ingenious! Once again, Suzanne White brings us her inspired annual “New Astrology” Predictions for the next 12 months. This fresh-off-the-press new book offers lengthy, detailed, month-by-month horoscopes for every sign (Western AND Chinese). We each have two signs – AN ANIMAL YEAR SIGN AND A WESTERN SUN SIGN. Suzanne White’s brilliant NEW ASTROLOGY™ is the fusion of both. In this vivacious book, you get the whole 2013 story. A Leo lady born in an Ox year will find out all about her future life throughout 2013 as well as what will happen in the life of her Scorpio born Goat sweetheart. And she’ll also find out how the year will proceed for her kids, her boss, her family, her friends and her enemies. This New Astrology™ Horoscopes Book is a road map for successful navigation of The Snake Year for everybody. Suzanne White is considered the high priestess of Chinese and Western astrologies the world around. Suzanne is not only fun to read, she is uncannily accurate. What comes after the Dragon year? That’s easy… the exciting, seductive, turbulent year of the Black Water Snake 2013 comes slithering right in behind it. Scary? You bet. What will happen? More taxes. Fewer luxuries. Skirmishes. Epidemics. Losses. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Joy. Heartbreak. Babies. Violence. Marriage. Flings. Betrayals. Jealousy. Theft. Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Hell and High Water. Of course all of the above will indeed happen in 2013 But to whom and when? 2013 YOUR NEW ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPES tells it like it is. Not a word minced. No namby pamby hand-holding horoscopes. Just the facts. Deftly written by Suzanne White “The (very astutely funny) High Priestess” of Chinese and Western astrologies. Don’t miss this book. With what’s about to happen to all of us in the snake year, you will be needing this book. In fact, you need it right now! Suzanne White may be called the “High Priestess”; nonetheless, she is irreverent, amusing and amazing. Her dazzling 2013 Horoscopes Book outlines forecasts for the whole year. You really ought to know what’s ahead for you now. Hurry! Order “2013 YOUR NEW ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPES – Chinese and Western Predictions” while supplies last.

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3 comments to 2013 Your New Astrology? Horoscopes – Chinese And Western Predictions: The Water Snake Year Monthly Forecasts For All 24 Zodiac Signs

  • B. Wah Lee

    Water Snake Year, What will it be like? I am in a Chinese Emporium where I find it interesting to chat about this and that. We are giving away a Chinese calendar, and it does talk about the Chinese New Year being on February the 10th next year, 2013.We sometimes share signs and so it comes up that it will be my own year, the Water Snake year that comes around every 60 years. There are 5 elements, and as a Capricorn Snake, I will not actually be 60, but I will be 59 next year. This is explained in Suzanne White’s book.After a while, I am often asked what this snake year will bring? What will it be like? How will it be?Well, it is a little complex, and it needs a book to show the ins and outs of the Snake year. I think that this book is an excellent one.People often say that she is always an excellent writer. This may even be so,but I feel that this is one of her best and she is right at the top of her game with this one.I do not know what it is, but maybe the energy and nature of the Snake just helps one have epiphanies, have depth, have insight that you feel safe to share.Not all aspects of the Snake are to everyone’s benefit, and there are great reminders of how we might rememberto coil in our powers.Here it is then. Not just your common all garden list of predictions, but a real readable, cover to cover masterpiece.I hope to see all solutions manifest next year.Get for wealth avenues inspiration,recommendations of appropriate products to buy in the economic climate, and communicative and intimate love likelihoods.

  • SagSnake

    FireSnake Another great one from Suzanne! I couldn’t wait for the year of the Snake to begin (being a Snake and all) and Suzanne has let me know that this will be my year! Her writing has deeply influenced me from about age 13 on- I am a loyal devotee to her work and she has been spot on so far! Don’t you want to know how 2013 will be for you??

  • Gary Goldschneider

    Suzanne White has done it again! Suzanne White has done it again! In her own inimitable style (plucky, seductive, thought provoking and just plain enjoyable) she manages to get into the reader’s heart and mind like no other astrology writer since bestselling author Linda Goodman. The reader feels as if Suzanne is speaking directly to him/her on their own private line.The book is well organized and simple to use. After reading the introduction, that characterizes the upcoming Snake Year (2013) and the character of those Snakes born in it, she presents a comprehensive section informing each of the 12 Western astrological signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.) what they can expect month by month in the Snake year. The second half of this double whammy follows, in which she presents what is in store for each of the Chinese animal signs (Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, etc.), monthly. Thus she imparts a whole lot of info to each of us who reads their own Western and Chinese sign. Just put them together and you will know what to expect and how to handle it. Nothing could be more clear, and carried away on the wave of Suzanne’s wonderful writing, you will be all set to not only meet serious obstacles that may be encountered, but also to know where to look for that favorite cookie jar that inevitably offers pleasurable rewards. – Gary Goldschneider

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