Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth – How to Use Feng Shui For Career Growth

Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth

One of the most important factors to consider is the spatial position of your desk. Some positions are best avoided, or need to be improved if there’s no way to move the desk.

According to feng shui for career, sitting with your back to the entrance door is best avoided, as it may allow your colleagues to work around you for promotion. If there is no other option, put a mirror on your table to see those behind you.

Sitting with your back to the window is also a disadvantage, as it may make you feel “unsafe”. For gaining a sense of safety, consider placing a large object at the window, such as a plant or bookshelves.

It’s best not to have your desk crammed into a corner or squeezed between cabinets. Try to move it so that you can access your desk from the front and back. In Feng Shui, an open space symbolizes prospects.

Try not to sit facing a colleague either, as it may cause your energy to start dissipating.

In accordance with feng shui for career, sitting right next to the entrance door is the worst. No matter what job position you have, the passer-by will take you for someone they can ask for information. The hustle of people walking by and distracting you may become very tiring. Consider changing the location of your desk.

It’s acceptable to face a wall. However, try to hang a picture of a wide lake or valley on the wall in front of you to expand your visual perspective. You can also hang a picture of a flock of birds or a plane to increase your ambition. You can also hang an image of mountains – in feng shui, mountains symbolize assistance and rise. Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth

According to feng shui career, the best way is to sit with your back to the wall, and face the entrance door diagonally. Try to make your desk visible from the door, and not blocked by filing cabinets or anything else.

If there are many shelves with piles of documents and reference books where you work, try to review these and dispose of the obsolete ones. Those that are used seldom can be moved to a storage room. Cluttered and clogged cabinets and shelves prevent something new from coming in and limit your professional growth. Keep your workplace clean and tidy to circulate the positive Qi energy. Rooms with musty air, dirty windows, disordered furniture, and piles of documents will create bad Feng Shui.

Good lighting is another great way to attract positive energy. It’s good to have additional lighting on your desktop, such as a desk lamp. The light source must be located on the left (for right-handers). If you work on a computer, aim the light directly at your keyboard. Bright sunlight may interfere with your work, so consider using blinds or curtains to dim it. However, try not to switch to artificial lighting altogether.

If there are no windows in your room, be sure to have a photo of natural landscape on the wall, or have a small aquarium, flowers, or plants in the room. Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth

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Feng Shui Element Quiz – 9 Quick Tips For Feng Shui on a Budget

Feng Shui Element Quiz

You may have concern about the current global financial situation Or you may have wanted to do some feng shui fix-its to help boost those lagging finances but thought you simply can’t afford any new furnishings, decorations and paint. But feng shui doesn’t necessarily have to cost money – and you sure don’t want to spend money on feng shui that you simply don’t have! So what’s a person to do when they’re on a budget, but still want to make a big impact on their home, office & surroundings?

Here are a few tips you can implement quickly, simply and inexpensively to help turn those wealth-woes around…

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before!

As my own teacher always says, “Clean like God’s coming!” and I couldn’t agree more. Cleaning doesn’t cost a dime, but it’s the first place to start with any type of feng shui adjustment. When you clean with care, consciousness and love, you’re putting your tender attention into everything you touch – charging it energetically, removing stagnancy and sending ripples out into the Universe saying “I love and care for what I have – and I’m ready to receive more!” If God were coming over for dinner today, how would you ready your home for the arrival? Take time this week to start cleaning on that deep, detailed level and see how much more abundant you feel!

2. Let go of the Downers

Releasing those things that no longer serve us can do wonders for the energy of a space. As another teacher once told me: “Everything in your home is talking to you… just make sure it’s saying something nice!” Our homes are an exact reflection of our entire life. So for every negative, broken, guilt-ridden, outdated “downer” in our homes, there is a less-than-helpful belief that’s being trapped there too, chitter-chattering away at us subconsciously.

Imagine for a moment your FAVORITE place on the planet! Close your eyes, and bring that image to mind. Sit with it, feel into it… notice how your body reacts, expands and melts! Now, go through the objects, artwork, furniture, colors and fabrics in your home. One at a time look at them, and notice how you FEEL. Is it similar to your fantasy vacation spot? Or does it create heaviness, neutrality, constriction, sadness or tension?

On a feng shui consultation last week, a client said to me after I’d told her to shop for specific items: “So it sounds like I need to go out and FEEL things…” and I couldn’t have said it better myself! Just like with the principles of manifesting and Law of Attraction, it is the emotions that we feel that create our own realities and magnetize experiences to us. Using your home to evoke only those emotions that bring joy, expansion and abundance is the best way to utilize the creative powers of feng shui.

3. Strut Your Stuff!

Do you have special dishes only brought out for guests? Are there items of clothing you only wear for special occasions? Got antiques growing dust in the attic? Do the fancy soaps only sit out when you’ve got company? As many people discover, life is short. So why not strut your stuff (literally) while you can! There’s no time like the present to put your favorite things on parade! Gobble up their yummy feel-good vibes as you fill your home with nothing but the best of the best. Display your favorite books, get out the good towels, wear your favorite dress and sip soy milk from a crystal goblet! Feeling good is the name of life’s game. So find whatever ways you can to surround yourself with beauty, inspiration and magic as often as humanly possible.

4. Move It Or Lose It

Have you ever noticed that once you place an object somewhere, you very quickly stop noticing it altogether? The easiest and fastest way to freshen up the energy in any space is to move things around! There is an old saying in Feng Shui that says your life will change if you move 21 things – and the premise of that saying is a wise one indeed. Simply taking the same ol’ stuff and arranging it differently, draws new attention and energy to it. So if you’re feeling stuck, bored or uninspired, try this super-simple remedy to light a fire in your feng shui engine.

5. Get in the Flow

Blocked walkways, tight seating arrangements, too-full closets and stuffed drawers are symbolic of stuck thinking and cramped concepts. We want your home to reflect your higher, ideal self – one that is fluid, open, loving and bright. Walk through your home today and assess your space. Then move things out of the way that get in your way! Do you have furniture in your hallway? Clutter behind the doors? Far too many clothes in your closet? Or ominous sharp-edged furniture in a passageway? It won’t cost you a dime to de-clutter, but it can cost you big-time if you don’t. Feng Shui Element Quiz

6. Be in AWE…

Have you ever had a spiritual experience washing dishes? Cleaning the toilet? Sweeping the driveway? Or folding your laundry? Any task, large or small, mundane or impactful, can be done with a sense of awe and reverence. Note those tasks that normally avoid, dread, or put you to sleep. How can you bring joy and life into these seemingly unimportant motions?

Think back to the native Japanese culture – with their tea ceremonies, clean & simple homes and hushed Zen gardens. Their lives were not fixated with achievement, glory and goods, but rather honor, simplicity, awareness and presence. Take tips from generations past, and bring them into your current modern life. Tend to the details within your home as if they were your lover’s body. Be gentle and thoughtful, go slowly and thoughtfully, be methodical and present when you care for your space… The energy will radiate back to you tenfold.

7. Get Your Hands Dirty

Nature is the perfect feng shui balancing act. With just the perfect blend of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, nature can bring you into alignment within just a few mere minutes. Full of ever-changing life-force and energy, nature is a sure-fire way of sloughing off stagnancy and overall stuckness. Just spend a few minutes opening up your windows, lifting the blinds, talking to your plants or digging in the dirt can help slow you down and open your eyes to the miracles of nature surrounding us. Tapping into this system that is more vast and complex than any of our petty worldly worries can often times bring back that sense of wonder and awe that is perfect medicine to adjust your internal Ch’i. So get out there, plant a seed and just sit and watch it grow – it’s fast, it’s free and it’s great feng shui.

8. Go Shopping in Your Own House

That’s right! Get out there and shop… in your own house! Stroll through your home today as if you were browsing through your favorite home decor store… If you were strolling through its isles today, would you spend your hard-earned dollars on the items currently in your home? I know, I know… you already own them. But put on your double-agent eyes for a bit and really start to study your stuff. If you wouldn’t lay down the big bucks for your current home’s decor, then why in the world is it there to begin with? Grab a bag, walk the “isles” and pick out only those things that still curl your toes and knock off those socks! Once you’re done, take these special pieces and put them for all to see… (and considering getting rid of the rest). You’ll never go shopping in the same way again.

9. Color Your World

As I love to say: “There’s no bigger bang for your buck than paint!” No sofa, statue or artistic masterpiece can ever hold as much visual POW! for a room than an outstanding color on your walls. For the cost of a gallon of paint, you can feel like you’re living in your very own gallery. Color not only is aesthetically beautiful, but has the mystical powers to evoke emotions – some subtle, some strong. Using color as medicine for your home (and spirit) can help a shy person be bold, a nervous person feel calm or a hot-headed person feel soft and loving. So splash a color on those walls… note the effect. Play, experiment, paint again! Let the shades color your inner…and outer… worlds.

Now, go back through and highlight your favorite tips from above and make a plan to implement them today, this week or this month. Whatever you do, don’t stop now: Action is the key that puts your energy into motion so the Universe can interact and impact you in powerful, playful and pretty darn eye-popping ways.

Better yet, hop to it right now – there’s no better time to start that in this very perfect moment. So…are you ready? Set? Go Feng Shui! Feng Shui Element Quiz

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Feng Shui Doors Facing Each Other – Feng Shui For Your Front Door

Feng Shui Doors Facing Each Other

The primary entrance to your house is called the “mouth of chi” in feng shui. It is an extremely important area to focus on because so much of the energy that comes into your house comes through this primary entrance. A few small changes here can make a big difference in the rest of your house. Here are a few ways to make the most of what’s good about your front entrance and how to overcome any existing problems.

1) Use your front door

So many people come through the garage now that it is quite common that no one has even stepped over the real threshold to your house in the last few days. Make a point of changing that by walking out your front door to get the mail, or just to look around your front garden.

2) Make sure the lock works well and the door opens easily

Blocked entrances are very bad in feng shui, and the front door is the most important entrance. If your door leaks heat, get it sealed. If it sticks, either oil the hinges or get a locksmith to fix where it is stuck. Absolutely make sure that the door can swing open all the way inside, with no coat hangers or anything else behind it.

3) Widen the path

The wider the path to your door (and the wider your door, too) the more energy and, symbolically, the more money can come into your house. Ever notice how big, expensive houses tend to have double doors and wide paths? Make your house like that, even if it just means adding a row of paving stones on either side of the front path.

Having steps in front of your house can be good, bad, or not matter too much. Having steps going up to your house can slow chi down, whereas steps going down to your front door (like a basement apartment), can slow it down so much as to create stagnation. So long as there are just a few steps, and they seem in proportion to the rest of the entrance, they will not affect too much. But if someone has to climb lots of steep stairs to come to a little door, then you need to take some steps of your own to increase the flow of chi so it can overcome that barrier. Feng Shui Doors Facing Each Other

4) Consider the direction

The direction your front door faces is very important in feng shui. Most directions are positive, but doors facing North and particularly North-East are not auspicious. If your door faces either of these directions, you want to insulate the inside of your house from this energy. You can do that by having a winding path to the front door and adding bushy evergreen plants so the energy has to meander in. Painting your door with high-gloss paint will also reflect back some of the negative chi, as will using shiny metal fittings on the door. Other ways to block this energy include putting a reflecting globe or a convex near the front door.

Front doors facing East are excellent for building up a career or getting started in life. A South-East facing door helps with communication and steady progress. The South is a high-energy direction that may even need to be toned down with a dish of sea salt if you find yourself arguing with people. A South-West door gives more settled feel, but there is a risk of some not-so-good energy settling in, too. A Westward facing door will help with romance and contentment. A North-West facing door is good for authority and stability.

5) Consider the activity beyond your door

What’s going on just beyond your property line will also determine whether you want to block or increase the energetic openness of the front door. If your house is at the end of a street, or in the direct line of a traffic flow, you want to put up some blocks to slow the speeding chi down. But if you are on the inside curve of a quiet street, you want to bring the energy in and activate it, possibly with a water fountain or wind chimes. Feng Shui Doors Facing Each Other

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Feng Shui Wealth Area Of The Home – Financial Feng Shui Decorating For Success

Feng Shui Wealth Area Of The Home

The majority of people don’t realize that their surroundings play a major part in their financial success. The work and home environments are full of energy and the southeast area is associated with wealth. In order for one to enhance and take advantage of the energies available for wealth, they need to understand what they need to do to bring financial feng shui in those areas.

The first step is always determining just where the southeast section is located at. This is not the southeast direction from where you walk in the door, but the actual direction of southeast that needs to be established. Once that is done, taking a look at that area of the home or workplace is needed to see just what condition it is in. People who experience money problems or who are not happy with their finances usually find that their wealth areas are in poor shape or have been ignored.

Clutter is the main cause of blocking and trapping energy and that clutter needs to be cleaned up. It is necessary to get rid of anything and everything that is not needed in the area or that is in the way. Closets and rooms that fall in the wealth area need to be included in that cleansing, even if they don’t seem to have anything to do with money. Because those sections are in the wealth area they can block or help flow the energy, depending on the condition they are in.

Getting rid of all the clutter in the home can actually help once the wealth section is cleansed. Clutter just makes things look and feel very disorganized and this can increase stress levels quickly, especially when looking for something in all that mess. Cleaning all the areas around the wealth area can help to release energy and allow energy to flow freely around the home.

After the clutter is gone and things start to look better it is time to add some elements to attract money energy. Healthy, lush green plants are a good start as they are a favorite in attracting wealth, especially when placed in a southeast corner. It is important to take good care of any plant in the area also, taking care of the plant so that it is vibrant and healthy adds to the prosperous energy in your life. Feng Shui Wealth Area Of The Home

Metal is also associated with both protection and wealth, and should be incorporated into the decor in some way. This includes all types of metal: gold, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and silver just to name a few. When using metal you need to be careful to avoid sharp edges. Sharp corners in a room need to be avoided and you need metal with nice rounded edges. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, you can use things such as a metal vase with flowers, a bronze sculpture or silver picture frames with rounded corners.

Colors are also important. According to Feng Shui, red, blue, and purple are associated with enhancing wealth. The reds and purples bring a supporting energy in all your career efforts, which are generally directly related to your finances and wealth. The blues are connected to the water element and that is a symbol of abundance, and everyone wants abundance with wealth. Green and brown are also used, the represents the energy of health, vitality, and growth, which are also expressions of abundance and a feng shui cure for wealth and prosperity.

Financial feng shui decorating in a home and workplace is popular and believed to increase wealth and prosperity. As these are only a few sample things to do, aquariums, crystals, and symbols such as the Moon Frog can also be incorporated in the decor. When decorating using symbols and energy attractors, always make sure to use pieces you like so you feel positive in the room also. Feng Shui Wealth Area Of The Home

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Feng Shui Door Color Facing West – Feng Shui Your Front Door

Feng Shui Door Color Facing West

An attractive entrance to your home or office will encourage good ch’i, or energy, to enter. If you can arrange your front door so that it faces your overall harmony or great prosperity direction, it will help bring in wealth, love and happiness. As all energy enters through your front door, it is important to keep things away from the door so the door will be free to open without problems. Make sure your front door is not broken, and opens smoothly. A broken door or one that is hard to enter is the worst kind of energy to start with. Your door size should not be too large or too small relative to the size of the house. If the western world had practiced feng shui from the beginning, we could have avoided much of the trouble we have today in our personal lives as well as in our work or business.

I have seen many front doors of homes face a solid wall immediately upon entering. The main door should not open inside onto a solid wall within three feet of the open door. The only thing you can do is to place a mirror here so that upon entering, the space looks larger. This is not an ideal solution, as it is not good to have a mirror reflecting the front door, but it is better to have a mirror here if the space is too tight for comfort.

The size of the door should be well balanced to the dwelling, not too small or oversized in proportion to the rest of the house. Too narrow an entrance stifles the flow of good ch’i entering the house, and you will have to invest more time, money and energy to achieve your goals if you live in a house with a small entrance.

Well-situated front doors are wide and lead into a foyer that open to other rooms in the house. The foyer acts as a buffer to slow the fast flowing energy as it enters your home. The front door should never open directly into the living room without some kind of buffer to slow the energy. If you have no choice put an attractive three-fold screen a few feet from the entrance with a healthy green plant in front of the screen. The screen slows the good ch’i energy so that it can flow softly around the screen.

The first things you or visitors see when entering your home set the mood for the rest of the stay. Clutter should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere, but the entrance is a particularly bad place for untidiness. People have a tendency to put things at the door as a reminder to get rid of the things with good intentions of taking them away. But have you noticed even with yourself you leave it there, because you are in a hurry and will do that later. Later, turns into days later. This is bad for the subconscious mind. It is there when you arrive back home and due to the rush it continues to stay there. If you want good feng shui in the home taking this stuff away should be first on your priority list when you look out of your front door, you should not face a hill, and the door itself should not be hidden by shrubbery. It is not a good situation if there are obstructions in front of the door, such as a steep hill, another larger building, or any kind of over-sized or massive structure. The entrance should be well lit and airy. The best shape for a door is oval or square at the top. Solid wood doors are better than glass doors. The entrance should not have sharp angles from other buildings pointing toward the door. You can place a mirrored PaKua to deflect some of the negative energy from entering your home.

You can also hang wood or metal wind chimes to help deflect the energy. Remember, the chimes must be hollow to be effective and the PaKua must be placed on the outside of the house. It is unlucky to have a mirrored PaKua inside of your home.

Bright-colored doors are very inviting and set the tone for overall harmony inside the home. Regardless of the color you select, it should provide a good contrast to the color of the rest of the house. Red is a good color for a door, but only if it is a compatible color for your overall harmony or great prosperity. The color should also be compatible with the main colors of the house. Feng Shui Door Color Facing West

Red can be used if you are an East, South or Southwest person. Green or blue is an excellent color if you are an East person. Gold is beneficial and a good color for the door if you are a west person. All colors bring in good ch’i energy and are attractive to any entrance. Colors are explained later in the chapters. In Feng Shui, people as well as homes are divided into EAST and WEST groups.

You can determine if your house is good for you once you establish whether you are an East or West group person. If you live in the type of house appropriate for the opposite group, you may never become wealthy in that house. However, you can arrange the furniture to improve your living conditions. There are four good directions and four bad directions for each group. If you are an East person, the four west directions are bad and if you are a West person, the four east directions are bad for you.

If you are an EAST person, your good directions are North, East, Southeast and South. If you are WEST, your best directions are West, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest.

Once you decide which group you belong in, you can sometimes change the direction of the house by entering through a different door that faces one of your four good directions. Beautiful, colorful flowers and lush green shrubbery also bring a sense of harmony and are important enhancements to an entrance. While many sidewalks lead in a straight line toward the door, it is more beneficial if the walk curves or meanders toward the door. If your walkway leads in a straight line to your door you should try to change it to one that curves or one that leads to the side to disburse the straight racing energy that flows toward the door.

Wind chimes are good instruments for beneficial energy when placed next to the front and back doors. The chimes should be hollow and large enough so they produce a nice melody of pleasing sounds when chimed. Together with harmony and rhythm, melody is one of the three basic elements of music. Having soothing sounds in your environment is another way to attract harmony and money. Speaking of sound, soft music in the home is important to elevate one’s energy, making it easier to produce good work that generates more money.

The front door entrance should never lead in a straight line to a back door or large window. All of your luck and finances will flow through the house and out the back door or window. This is the worst kind of energy of all for losing your hard earned money. If you have this problem fix it immediately. If you live in a place with this problem, you can place a large screen at a distance from the front door so that it covers the view to the back door, and place a large plant in front of the screen.

Nowadays, many people live in city high-rises. Apartment and condominium living provide different challenges. If you live in an apartment building, never live at the end of a long corridor, nor in front of the elevator or stairway. All of your finances will fly away and down through the fast moving energy of the stairway, elevator or long corridor. If possible, place a plant at the entrance in the hallway to slow some of the fast flowing energy. If you live in an apartment building, green plants and fresh flowers can be used to bring nature into your home. Fresh flowers brought in weekly help keep your energy level high. Feng Shui Door Color Facing West

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Feng Shui Your Room – Easy Feng Shui For Your Living Room

Feng Shui Your Room

For many people the living room is the main feature of their house. It is where any guests people have will be entertained but also where people like to relax and recharge. So it is important that the room looks good and has a relaxing feel to it. And there is a way to make any room flow nicely and have that relaxed feel to it, and that is to follow these easy feng shui tips.

Over ten thousand years old, feng shui is an ancient art of the Chinese, and something which has found popularity all over the world. The principal behind it is really simple. There is believed to be a constant flow of energy in nature, both positive and negative. Obviously you do not want the negative energy, and by arranging the furniture of a room in a specific way, you can turn this into positive energy.

As the sitting room is where the family will spend time together there is bound to be a lot of furniture. This can make it difficult to position everything correctly, but it is worth doing it. When a room has good, balanced energy, everyone who spends time in it will benefit from good health, a happy life and good fortune with money.

First of all, the living room should always be on the ground floor. And preferably, it should not be visible from the main door of the home. The personal rooms such as the living room and bedrooms should be as far away from the main door as possible. But these things are almost impossible to change after a house has been built. Feng Shui Your Room

One thing people use this for is to increase their wealth. How your furniture is positioned can have a direct affect on this. The left hand side of a room when standing at the entrance is where this area is located. If there is a second doorway there then you have bad energy. It represents a way for your money to escape through, meaning your wealth can slowly seep away. But this can be solved by placing a large plant there and keeping it in good shape.

You want the room to flow, so this means that all the furniture should be positioned in a way that does not obstruct the passage to any part of it. Now you should have all the seats facing away from the main door of your house and the room, but also facing away from any windows. You do not want two couches facing one another as this brings stress visitors who are strangers to each other. A good position for two couches is in the shape of the letter l.

You should not position your couches under the structural beams of the ceiling if they are visible. Feng shui dictates that this places pressure on the bread winners of the house hold, and will negatively affect your wealth.

Hopefully these tips will give you some idea of how to lay out your furniture. And if you do so, you and your family are sure to have healthy happy lives for years to come. Feng Shui Your Room

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What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui – The Elements Of Feng Shui

What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

Those who have a deeper understanding of the five elements of the world and also have greater knowledge of the two basic energies, which are the Chi (the soft power) and the Sha which is known as the harsher power, are known to have the power and expertise that they can make an accurate estimation of the meta physical energies in the space around us. That being their number one ability gives them the power to also know when and where to move the furniture or other objects of physical and metaphysical nature so that proper flow of energies can be established. The art relating to feng sui is considered to be of architectural nature. It is believed that wizards and historical people such as the magi will at times place themselves inside different buildings or large landscapes; they are known to also make use of their Meta physical senses to detect and properly establish the flow of the energies within the structures. They are also those masters that decide exactly why and where the bathrooms, bedrooms and other parts of the house should be placed and built.

They will give you precise direction as to where the door should be placed and what direction should the exit of the house should be. The detailed master relating to feng sui would even pay close attention to the fine details such as where the mirrors should hang inside the house and where what type and what piece of furniture should be placed s well. The master would also give an accurate estimation of where the bed should face its head portion and to where the foot area be faced. The above given areas where the feng shui master pays close attention to are based on what they feel is the accurate angle of the Chi softer power and the counter flow of Sha which is the harsher power goes in and comes out. They also base these on where they feel magnetic and electro magnetic fields are present. They also provide help and feng shui based solutions towards the other areas and energies that many individual clients may worry about affecting their personal self and their personal relationships. Couples usually complain about issues related to their life inside the bedroom this is a major intervention area for the master relating to feng shui. What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

The solution of this would mean that couples may require that certain objects be moved around within the bedroom in order to get the chi in the bedroom to flow in a proper manner. The art relating to feng sui in the modern age has now become very much connected with the area of interior decorating and there fore like interior decorators the master relating to feng sui will these days also hire himself out on a very large sum of fees. The master relating to feng sui in the proper knowledge of this art is the only person who if in fact is blessed with special meta physical senses can help resolve the misfortune in your life by fixing the feng shui flows of Chi and Sha respectively. What Are The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Bed Placement – Feng Shui, Design Psychology and Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement

I love Feng Shui! Whether you believe this ancient Asian design method is based on ancient wisdom or superstition, Feng Shui includes some valuable principles and is simply fun! Consider these Feng Shui rules:

– Don’t sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door.

– Place head of bed so that you can see the doorway.

– Don’t sleep next to the wall that has the meter box on it.

– Don’t place head of bed next to a bathroom wall.

So where do my husband and I put our bed according to these rules? In our bedroom with four walls, one wall is all closets, one wall backs up to the bathroom, one wall is all doors opening to the garden, and the last one (oh my!) has the meter box on it! Not to worry, Feng Shui has all kinds of rules to fix any problem, including using crystals and houseplants to counteract negative energy. Feng Shui Bed Placement

Design Psychology, based on years of scientific research, comes to some of the same conclusions that Feng Shui practitioners, based on years of experience, utilize. But Design Psychology boldly contradicts the Feng Shui rule that you can’t sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door.

Design Psychology creates rooms to support happiness and well-being. The bedroom, a personal space for refreshment and enjoyment, requires attention to details like the bed placement for comfort. As the main attraction, the bed is usually the focal point of the room. Therefore, position the headboard directly opposite the doorway up against a wall. This creates the visual expansion of the room and underscores the bed’s importance. A greater reason to place the bed so that it faces the doorway is for a feeling of security. People feel safe when they can easily see the door.

The bed represents the beginning and ending of life. In the past, people were conceived, born, and they died in the same bed. You spend more time in your bed than in any other piece of furniture. So, follow Feng Shui rules or Design Psychology principles and place your bed with the head facing the entrance of the room. Not only will this spot reinforce the bed’s significance in your design plan, you will feel comfortable and sleep well! Feng Shui Bed Placement

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Feng Shui Marriage Corner – Can Feng Shui Improve Marriage And Romance

Feng Shui Marriage Corner

Feng Shui can enhance your love or married life. If your love life is inactive, you will see a change in your luck when this part of the house is activated. If you feel that your marriage needs reviving, this is a sure corner to work on and activate immediately. The section that rules marriage and romance is the Southwest corner of your home. You can also activate the southwest corner in each room, placing fresh flowers there. If you cannot place fresh flowers weekly in the home, artificial or silk flowers will do). You will find that fresh flowers provide much better energy. Never, never use dried flowers or have dying flowers or plants around. Dead or dying flowers have a very negative influence wherever they are placed. Cacti, or thorny or prickly plants, can cause arguments among family members. Luxuriant green plants with large leaves placed around the house bring good energy, but be careful about placing too much green in this corner. This corner is of the earth element, and plants (considered to be wood) are not an inherently beneficial element.

Placing a pair of crystal swans or mandarin ducks or a pair of anything in this section will activate love or romance. Crystal is the primary element for the southwest section, so anything made with crystal would be better. Bathrooms should never be located in this section of the house. A bathroom here is a sure sign of problems in a marriage. If a bathroom is located in this section and you have other bathrooms in the house, use the others and try not to use this one. Place a mirror on the door and keep the door closed at all times with the toilet seat down.

If you find that you have been happy in your marriage until you move to a new location, the feng shui at your new location is probably not as good as your previous one. Feng Shui Marriage Corner

Mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom by the side of the bed, at the foot of the bed or over the bed. Having a mirror reflecting the bed is a sure indicator of problems between couples. Mirrors should be placed in the dressing room or bathrooms, not in the bedroom.

Water is detrimental to the marriage corner. As the element for the marriage section is earth, water is the worst element to be placed here. Having water on the right hand side of your front door as you look out is another sign for problems in the marriage. The left side of the door is sometimes lucky for water at the side of your front door, but only if your front door faces north, east or southeast. East is of the wood element and water is beneficial to wood. North is the direction of the water element, so placement in this section is fortunate. Water placed on the west section of the house is very unlucky.

It is very important to place things in your home so that you have a happy home life. One time, I was consulting with a couple that were going through a divorce. The husband had asked for the divorce. While he was gone on a week’s business trip, she called me to do the Feng Shui. In the marriage corner, this section had a large square beam. We covered the post with a picture of a couple walking in a green field. Some homes have this section missing from the house, as sometimes happen in houses with unusual shapes. Their bedroom had a lot of clutter that we cleaned out. The bathroom door from the bedroom was always left opened. We closed the bathroom door and put the toilet led down.

When the husband returned, he told my client that he had changed his mind and did not want the divorce. That was four years ago and they are very happy to this day. So you see how powerful Feng Shui is, and how quickly it can work. Feng Shui Marriage Corner

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Feng Shui 5 Elements – What is Feng Shui and Five Element Theory

Feng Shui 5 Elements

Today, there are many definitions of Feng Shui. Feng Shui can be translated into English as Wind Water. Some people see it as the energy around our living environment while others see it as superstition. Feng Shui is considered both an art and a science. It is also metaphysics and it has been practiced for thousands of years in China. Feng Shui originated about 2000 years ago when an emperor was in search of a burial ground. Many in the past believed that if your ancestors are properly buried, you will be protected by them; this continues to be a common practice in Asia.

Feng Shui is based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Phases/Elements Theory. It is the practice of creating a happy living environment (harmony) within your home, workspace and inner self. An understanding of the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Phases is essential in applying Traditional Feng Shui methods. In addition, a person’s destiny can be enhanced if there is a correct alignment of the environment’s Chi to that of the human Chi of the individual.

Some people consider Feng Shui as superstition and this is probably a result of the figures and gods that people use to decorate their houses with. An experienced practitioner will be able to identify immediately what is superstition and what is reality. The figures and gods can be effective as long as one keeps in mind that it is the type of element contained in the statues and ornaments that matters most. Reorganizing furniture, using magic coins, and placing a few statues in the house is not enough to change the energy in your home and the way you live. Feng Shui 5 Elements

What is Chi?

Chi is an ancient Chinese concept which teaches that there is energy constantly flowing everywhere. This energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. Whenever chi finds obstacles for circulating, we will notice it since it will directly affect our lives. Our life quality can diminish or be improved depending on the way chi flows in the environments we inhabit. According to feng shui, chi should always be able to flow freely through any space in order to help us be in balance with the elements that surrounds us. Chi also likes to meander and circulate. When looking for properties, it is very important to understand the environment outside and around the property. For example, living near electrical power plants, active main roads, highways, or contaminated streams can affect the livelihood of the inhabitants of nearby properties. Feng Shui 5 Elements

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